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Steligent BT4201是目前最先进的高性价比的4通道14.5Gbps BERT,它具有充分的特性来表征串扰敏感性、背板和多车道串行数据系统,如HDMI、SATA、USB3.1等。同时也是AOC和光电模块生产测试的良好工具。




The Steligent BT4201 is a state of the art highly cost effective 4 Lanes 14.5Gbps BERT, that is fully features for characterizing crosstalk susceptibility, backplanes, and multi‐lane serial data systems, such as HDMI, SATA, USB3.1, etc. . And it is also a good tool for production testing of AOC and electro‐optical modules.
Product specifications and descriptions in this document subject to change without notice.
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About Us
Steligent is involved to be a Global Leader on High Speed Serial Communication Bit Error Rate Tester. We provide test & measurement solutions to enable optical component and OEM/ODM/JDM and other system integrators to reach new levels of quality and performance. Steligent was founded 5 to address the growing need for affordable and functional equipment. Since that time, the company has expanded to create a path to address not only present, but also future requirements
Key Features
  • Four independent parallel BERT lanes
  • Standard measurement rates between 1.25Gb/s and 14.50Gb/s
  • Independent voltage level adjustment for each of the 4 outputs; refer to Generator Data

   Out table.

  • Support all Industry PRBS pattern : 7, 9, 11, 15, 23, 31
  • Half rate Clock(high speed) and divided trigger output (low speed)
  • Integrated clock data recovery
  • Ability to swap data input polarity.
  • Fast Ethernet/ USB Interface via ML4000 Chassis.
  • High signal quality, fast rise time and low intrinsic Jitter
  • BERT can be fully programmed and support for external API calls from other software e.g.

   LabView, C#, VEE.

  • Repeatable performance and Traceable to standards.
  • Controlled by embedded touchscreen GUI or from user software running on an external
  • Windows 7 PC connected by a USB interface
The Steligent BT4201 multi‐channel BERT is a multichannel signal integrity test system ideal for manual or
automated characterizing multi‐lane serial data channels or electrical and optical devices running at speeds between 1.25Gb/s to 14.5Gb/s(It addresses all common standard speeds via selectable bit rates).
Target Applications
  • Multi-lane serial data channels signal integrity characteristic.
  • 40G QSFP line cards, 10G SFP+ line cards.
  • InfiniBand, USB, HDMI, SAS/SATA, 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, Ethernet, PON, Parallel Optics,

   etc. 10Gbase-KR/40GBase-KR4/CR4/SR4, 100GBASE-CR10/SR10.

  • Active Optical Cable (AOC), Direct Attach Cable (DAC), SFP+, zQSFP, QSFP+, CFP/2, CXP

   and QDR test applications.

  • Fiber Channel 16/8/4/2G applications.
  • Electro-optical Transceiver Testing.
  • Design Validation Test (DVT) of Telecom / Datacom, Components, Modules and Systems.
  • High-Speed SerDes Testing & Characterization.
  • Installation and Maintenance Test of Network Equipment.
System Specifications
Data rate
The Steligent BT4201 can addresses all common standard speeds via selectable bit rates between
1.25Gb/s and 14.5Gb/s. Any data rate between this range can be customized added.
Operating system
The software supplied runs on embedded Touchscreen GUI or Windows 7 with .NET v2.0, by a USB 2.0


Pattern Generator
The following patterns are supported:
PRBS: 27‐1, 210‐1, 211‐1 215‐1, 223‐1,
231‐1.The pattern can be individually adjusted for pattern generator.A differential electrical output is
provided on the front‐panel.
@ 10.3125Gbps:
Channel 1                            Channel 2
Channel3                           Channel4
@ 14.025Gbps:
Channel 1                          Channel 2
Channel3                           Channel4
Clock and Trigger output
A differential clock with half data rate and single‐ended divided trigger output is provided on the frontpanel.
Error Detector
A differential electrical input is provided on the front panel. Data rate is the same as pattern generator.
The following patterns are supported:
Ordering Information
Accessories Included
  • User Software and Demo CD includes:
  • Application Presentation
  • Data Sheet
  • User documentation (User Guide with programming reference)
  • User Software including offline demonstration
  • Local power cord, USB cable